ChickLitGurrl™ and author Brenda Janowitz asked, “Why do you love Chick Lit?”

Several entered, but only THREE were chosen to win an autographed copy of Brenda’s latest novel, JACK WITH A TWIST!


So, who won? *drum roll*

Penny Venable from Colorado, who wrote:

I love Chick Lit because I can relate to the characters. Also you get romance, but it’s more true to life romance. Not like the traditional romance novels where he sweeps her off her feet and carries her off to the bedroom to introduce her to his “member” and all that phoney baloney silly stuff. The Chick Lit that I enjoy has characters I can relate to, laugh at or with, and just enjoy a good down to Earth story without all of the fancy dresses, balls, and jewels. I often feel like I could have been that character, or else think it sounds like my sister, daughter, friend or Mom. Chick Lit is just more realistic and more like my life or what my life could have been like.

Lydia Heath from Wisconsin, who wrote:

Chick Lit has a way of making life seem more bearable. You know that others out there are dealing with the same issues or even worse ones. I feel like I always have a friend near when I have a good girly book. Chick lit gives us a way of bonding with other girls and gives us a peek into lives that we either wish we could lead or do lead. It makes me feel like I belong to a special group that only girls belong to.

And our favorite piece came from Carlie Sherwood from Louisiana, who wrote:

There’s nothing like sitting down with some Starbucks, coffee cake, and a good piece of chick lit. It’s one of the most relaxing ways I spend my free time. I can get into another person’s shoes and live a different story other than my own.

Chick lit pieces almost always end with the beautiful girl kicking the antagonist’s butt. One of my favorite books, “The Devil Wears Prada,” is a perfect example of this type of story that just sweeps me away. Personally, I don’t live the most sophisticated lifestyle. I don’t have the money, or the guts for that matter, to move to a big city and take on the world in the fearless way the character does in this book. So, I simply let her do it for me. And of course, there is the L word. The girls in my favorite chick lit books have to live happily ever after with their oh-so-gorgeous man candy, or else I won’t read it. It’s okay to live in this fantasy of perfection for just a little while, right?

Now, you may think I’m a pathetic wannabe who lives her life vicariously through these gutsy women in my books. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. But one thing’s for sure- anytime a sticky situation comes my way, all I have to do is channel one of my beloved chick lit characters and think, “What would Andy do?” Then maybe I can have the courage to conquer the devil- even if they are wearing really great shoes.

Congratulations to all who participated and to Penny, Lydia, and Carlie for winning and receiving a really great book from Brenda Janowitz!

Keep reading CHICK LIT! There’s always something new, hilarious, sweet, funny, sexy, real that is revealed between the pages!


  1. These are such wonderful responses! Each one truly brought a smile to my face. Ladies, I’ll be getting your signed copies of JACK WITH A TWIST out to you in the mail this week. I hope that I can put a smile on *your* faces when you read it!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Brenda, 🙂 I was a fan of these responses, too. As a lover of chick lit, it always makes me smile when I see love from others – like these three women!

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