For the months of June and July, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is looking at how culture plays a role in writing. I have a great lineup of six writers, and up next is a writer I enjoy, one who finds herself entrenched within the Japanese culture: Wendy Nelson Tokunaga!

Midori Saito, a young woman, fresh from Japan and too independent for Japanese society, refuses to heed her mother’s advice that marrying a foreigner will bring her nothing but trouble. Turns out Mom was right and Midori is now suddenly on her own in San Francisco. Will she be able to find her American Dream and the perfect dessert?

When asked How important is it for you to integrate your cultural experiences into your writing, Tokunaga said, “As you can probably tell from my photograph, I am not Japanese. I’m Caucasian, was born in San Francisco, and my Japanese last name comes from my husband. Both my novels are about Japan and Japanese culture. When I took my first creative writing class many years ago, the teacher required us to complete three short stories in a semester. And all three that sprang out of me were about some aspect of Japanese culture. I didn’t plan it that way, but that’s what happened, and it made me realize how important this culture has been in my life..”

Come by AtBaP to read more about Tokunaga’s appreciation of the Japanese culture and to learn about her next book coming this fall: Love in Translation!

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