Jade’s Diary by Nikki Urban

3 out of 5 Rating

You can’t read the cover of Nikki Urban’s debut novel, JADE’S DIARY without being intrigued. A diary? Sex, lies, lust, betrayal, and vengeance? These words alone will get your voyeuristic self to crack the spine to read Urban’s tale of a daughter who receives her dead mother’s diary, a diary that reveals life-changing secrets not only of the mother, but also of the daughter. The idea behind JADE’S DIARY is a strong one, and I liked the overall read, but the formatting of the book made the read a slow one for me. I also wish the story was longer so that I could get more into the characters’ thoughts and motivations. Those interested in quick reads laced with eroticism will definitely get something from Urban’s story. With such a strong story premise, I’m interested in seeing what Nikki Urban comes up with next. ~~Shon Bacon

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