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FALL 2007 (November – January)

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**SDgirl Interviews Laura Wiess!**

**SDgirl Interviews Laura Wiess!**

If you do not know author Laura Wiess, you should. Her novel
SUCH A PRETTY GIRL was gut-wrenching and phenomenal, and her
latest novel – due out in January – LEFTOVERS, promises to be
just as dramatic and moving. Check out SDgirl’s interview with
Wiess as she talks about her books, her life, and more!

Check out SDgirl NOW at!


SisterDivas has added a new column: LIFE. @ Life, we will
feature articles, essays, commentaries, reviews, interviews, and
more on subjects that examine various aspects of life: whether
that aspect is fashion, grief, designers, or home development.

This issue, welcome LIFE to SD by checking out the following

::ALL THAT GLITTERS columnist Melodye Shore is now on LIFE, and
in this issue, she’s giving us the inside expensive skinny on
designer truck shows in her article WHAT PRICE FASHION?

::Entrepreneur Gina Alexander has designed handbags for thousands
of people, to include Elizabeth Taylor, Fergie from the Black Eyed
Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Sheryl Crow, and Oprah. Check out Nicole M.
Stevenson’s interview with this in demand designer!

::The holiday season is upon us and unfortunately, many people
suffer through grief or find themselves remembering those who have
passed on during this time. In the article GOOD GRIEF, Swaggie
Coleman addresses grieving as a necessary part of healing. With
the holidays being the major season of depression, Coleman wanted
to write and share about this natural process following the death
of a loved one.

The Sipping Sommelier! Her column is for any and everyone who has
ever been interested in learning about the nuances of wine! Check
out her premiere article!


::If you don’t know author MJ Rose, you should. She’s the author
of great psychological thrillers, and her latest – THE
REINCARNATIONIST is her best yet. In her piece, “Winka’s World,”
Rose explains a day in her…and Winka’s (her beloved pup) lives.

::This season, TV is flooded with new shows! What should YOU be
watching? Check out our TOP THREE PICKS for the new season!

::Talented writer Liz DeJesus stops by SisterDivas to talk to us
about her wonderful novel, NINA!

::If anyone knows about overcoming adversities and making a
wonderful life for herself, it’s blues artist Janiva Magness.
Read Tonya Howard’s article on the songstress, get inspired, and
pick up your copy of Magness’ latest CD!

::Remember the TV shows Punky Brewster and Family Matters? If
you do, you no doubt remember actress Cherie Johnson. Today,
Cherie is grown and ready to show the world just how talented and
versatile she really is! Check out our interview with Cherie,
directed by Nicole M. Stevenson!


::Many of us want to be healthy eaters; however, we let the things
that go on in our lives and our reactions and emotions to those
things influence what we eat and how we eat. In her latest article,
“Emotional Eating: How Do You Deal with Food”, Madison Chase offers
solutions to help us better handle – food wise – some of the issues
that afflict us.

::Do you have obstacles in your life and allow those obstacles to
keep you from achieving your goals? At some point in all of our
lives, we let setbacks influence our forward progress. Dr. Cherry,
in her latest piece – “OBSTACLES” discuss how we can move through
those obstacles and obtain our goals.


Here @ SD Features, we are premiering a new online saga: LOVE
BYTES. For those of you who enjoyed THE MISADVENTURES OF A SBF,
we have all nine episodes online for your perusal @ SD Features.

NOW – What is Love Bytes, you ask. Here’s the skinny: Meet
Destiny, a twenty something love columnist – who knows absolutely
nothing about love. Her last boyfriend, well he was actually
the fiancé, broke up with Destiny while in the middle of planning
their wedding, and since then, Destiny has been battling depression.
Meet Devon, the sports editor at the paper Destiny works at. He has
been hot on Destiny’s trail since the first time they met, but she’s
always rebuffed his advances. Mainly because she knows he’s a playa
and likes “conquering women” as she hears around the water cooler.
Destiny’s tough veneer melts when she meets a guy online who seems
to make her think – on all levels, including sexually. When Destiny
starts to also feel something for Devon, will she have to choose
between what’s real and what’s cyberreality?

In Episode One, we met Destiny and caught a glimpse into her life
as a love columnist, her want of a new love, and the issues that
keep her from getting that new love. You can check out Episode
One here!

In EPISODE TWO, Destiny and her cousin Sharay head out to a club
to see some strippers…and for Destiny to meet her cyber man,
but what she gets in return is beyond her imagination!

Destiny and Sharay danced for about 15 minutes, both doing their
own thang and jiving with the music being played. As Destiny
pivoted on the floor, she knocked into somebody and began to
tumble to the floor. She felt large hands firmly catch her around
her back and her ass, holding her towards him. She didn’t even
notice the hand on her ass as she began to speak, “I am so sorry,
I didn’t see…” She stopped in mid sentence. Destiny had looked
up at who caught her and out of all the people in the world, WHY
would it be Devon ?

He just smiled down at her, his hand still firmly holding Destiny’s

“What are you doing here?” they asked in unison.

“What are you doing here?” Destiny repeated. Devon leaned in close,
his lips next to Destiny’s ear, causing her to shiver.

“I’m looking for someone,” he responded.

“Who?” Destiny asked. “I didn’t know you came out to D.C.”

“Every once in a while,” Devon said. “What are you doing here?”

“Sharay and I are here…girls night out.” Destiny peeped around
Devon, looking to make sure Sharay was near and to check for the
mystery man again.

“You looking for someone?” Devon asked, a smile on his face.
Before Destiny spoke, she closed her eyes for a moment and
realized WHOSE arms she was in and WHERE one of them hands was.


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