Chris Marie Green (website), former school teacher turned full-time writer, gets out of the office by taking long trips to places such as Japan, Italy, and New Orleans. When she’s not causing international incidents, she enjoys yoga, movie-going and dabbling in firsthand research such as fencing, Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She also writes under the name Crystal Green.

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In 50 words OR LESS, tell us what your latest novel, MIDNIGHT REIGN is about.
When a serial killer with vampiric tendencies threatens to expose the L.A. Underground, the beautiful creatures rally, making Dawn Madison’s attempt to uncover their whereabouts much harder. She’s also getting sucked into a trap that might have been set for her all along.

What three adjectives would you use to describe MIDNIGHT REIGN?
Dark. Emotional. Continuing.

MIDNIGHT REIGN is a part of your Vampire Babylon series. Tell us the backstory of how this series came to be.
I had finished my first vampire book, THE HUNTRESS, so I had vampires on my mind when I was watching one of those entertainment shows where the reporters were saying things like, “He’s the next James Dean” while talking about certain actors. So I started thinking, “What if he was really the old James Dean?” And it went from there. Also, for book one in the Vampire Babylon series, I’d always wanted to work with that Hollywood story about the ghost-boy in the background of THREE MEN AND A BABY, so that added to the book’s core mystery, too. This will be an ongoing series, with the third book ending this initial trilogy with all its character and mythology arcs. (BREAK OF DAWN, Book Three, comes out in September.) Then there’s going to be a new Vampire Babylon trilogy starting April, 2009.

What makes your series’ main charater, Dawn Madison, someone we should root for?
Throughout the series, she exhibits major growth, and that’s how life is for a lot of us. We don’t always start out in an attractive place, and hunting down these vampires actually allows Dawn to discover certain truths about herself that she tries to change. I think that’s relatable.

What’s your favorite thing about MIDNIGHT REIGN?
I love working with the twists and turns of the story/trilogy because I love to read books and watch movies that take me on a wild ride, too!

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