Well, the school opened Thursday; however, I may not be in school teaching for another three days, possibly a week.

I was starting to get less anxious when I learned my schedule for the rest of the semester. After all, I’m a person that needs to know things so that I can plan and organize. I learned yesterday that the building I am supposed to teach in may not be ready until Wednesday, possibly the end of the week, so I’m forced, yet again, to play the wait-and-see game. There is a plus to it in that I have essays I can grade and I have some time to organize and think how I will teach for the remainder of the semester considering the circumstances. There is a negative because I am ready, for good or bad, to get this semester over with and to do the best just I can do.

Today, I plan to see how many students I can locate online and off so that I can let them know that I’m thinking of them and wanting to get back into the swing of things.

Outside of that, I need to start working on the creation of The Nubian Chronicles’ Fall 2005 issue, which I had to push back due to my time away for Hurricane Rita.

For now, I’m trying to fix my laptop. Spyware GALORE has attacked it, and I’m doing everything through my TASKMANAGER because the explorer/desktop is not working for me at all, 🙁

Just would like for SOMEthing to go right, you know?