What was the ONE GIFT you had to have for Xmas as a teen?

This is what SDgirl is asking writers of young adult fiction!

@ SDgirl on MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/sdgirl_club), during the month of December, we will be posting responses to this question from all ya authors who respond.

What WAS the one gift you had to have? Did you get it? If so, how much did you relish the gift? If not, how did you feel about that?

In addition to your responses, why not promote your latest project, too?

Send us the title of your latest book, an image of the book cover (.jpeg or .gif), a short paragraph description of the book, and a purchase link to the book, and we’ll post it along with your response!

Send ALL material – answer to question and promo material – to ME @ sdb6812@hotmail.com under the subject SDGIRL XMAS!

Looking forward to receiving your responses and learning more about your projects!

Keep writing ~ shon bacon :: chicklitgurrl (http://www.myspace.com/chicklitgurrl)