for the third straight year, i am participating in NANOWRIMO. i’m over the halfway mark, and i definitely plan to hit the 50k on or before the 30th of this month!

i have posted three sneak peeks of my project – TOUCHED – on my blog for people to read and comment on.

here’s a descrip of TOUCHED:

Thirty-five-year-old English professor Francine Packer has more than a couple of miscues in her life. She’s carrying on a sexual relationship with a former student, she’s known to drink until she can’t feel feelings anymore, and she’s in bitter revenge mode over her ex-husband, a fellow professor, a man who left her for an up-and-coming, younger scholar. The one recent positive in her life has been her visits to church with her best friend Charlotte and her joining the church choir. On one particular evening of service, Francine performs a solo, and something miraculous happens in her life. She’s touched by God. The moment leaves her sprawled out on the altar, dazed with a bump on her forehead, and looking at the world with – literally and figuratively – different eyes. People instantly flock to her, seeking her guidance in their lives, and if dealing with her newfound spiritual ability is not enough, Francine has to also reevaluate her life and figure out who she is to become to make herself happy and her God proud.

check out the first peek HERE!

check out the second peek HERE!!

check out the third peek HERE!!!