Hey all.

Just a quickie. About to head over my friend’s house to start working on a script together. Oh the fun. Literally. Forced to write. Maybe it will jumpstart me into this chick lit mystery I want to write BADLY. :-/

N.E.WAYS, Friday, I will post an interview I conducted with New York Times Bestselling author, Carly Phillips! Once a month (or more often if I shake a leg and get to it), I will have interviews with female writers who I love and who I admire and who oftentimes, get me pumped to want to write. They will talk about writing, why they write, and girly things.

Be on the look out!

Before I leave, just a note that SISTERDIVAS and TNC will go live this weekend. I will be making final touches Friday and sending out right after! They look great. I’m totally stoked.


Let me leave. Since I’ve been on official “summer break,” I’ve been busier than ever; however, it’s “busy” in my HOUSE and I look a “hot” mess…need to look somewhat presentable to my friends (which means try to pull all this massive hair into a ponytail and brush my teeth–clean clothes are optional)!