When Wireless Chicks Go Wild!

Yep. It’s final. I’ve gone wild with giddy. This weekend, my girlfriend and partner-in-crime dropped by my house with a present: wireless card and a router. After much trial and error because we followed directions from a company that spelled ‘detecting’ as ‘dectecting’, we got it up and running, and I haven’t been the same […]

Fear of…

Saw my counselor today. Down to ONE more session with her before she goes off into private practice land and I’m left alone. 🙁 Well, I am referred to another counselor, and I’m sorry, after all the CRAP I’ve told this one woman over the last two-plus years, I kinda feel like it would be […]

Me + Suicidal Writers

Here @ school. It’s the “crunch” time of the semester where essays and research papers are coming in and students are getting overly anxious about their grades. Oddly enough, the first 13 weeks of the semester, no one seemed to care about their grade, now with everything in except a research paper and a final, […]

In Lieu of Intro

This is my first posting here, and I’m jumping right in…no intro or anything. I apologize for that. Intros later. I promise. I’m a bit frustrated. This writing game is hard work. I’m constantly battling the demons that tell me I’ll never get published again. Agent has been working with two of my novels for […]