I’m not sure what my muse is these days, but it’s got me writing, so that is always a good thing! I’m about to head off to bed. Been doing so much lately!

But I wanted to share some tidbits because I’ve been doing a few NanoWrimo interviews on the blog, and I wanted to let you all know that I’m alive and well, and…

1. I’m 47,000 words in on my NanoWrimo novel, TO CATCH A CHEAT. 50k is the magic number, but I will write the entire month and try to finish the whole novel. I may get up to 70k by the end of the month! 🙂

2. I’m working on an English 102 course (composition) that will be African American literature based, so this weekend, I’ve been scouring sites on AA lit and history and culture and books, movies, TV, etc…so that I can have an idea of how I want to work the class in terms of what we’ll read and what they will write. Hopefully, I will have something loosely written up tomorrow.

3. I have an idea for a collection of essays written about my experience in this teaching grant. It would be mostly narrative, but there will be stats and research and things like that to interest other people in the field. I hope to write my ideas, as loose as they will be, out tomorrow so that I can show them to my mentor before the holidays.

4. I’m counting down to Xmas. LOL Yep, had to throw that in. Since the hurricane and the reopening of school, I have been in this indifferent mode, and it’s really the only way I’ve been surviving. I’m looking forward to sleeping, writing, doing much of nothing, and just being and me doing these things NOT because I had to evacuate my home but because I don’t HAVE to leave my home.

ALAS, *taking a breath*, I need some sleep. Been having leg/foot pains recently; my mom gave me a prescription pill last night, and it had me LOOPY, to say the least. I’ve been dragging all day because of a pill I took like 24 hours ago. *shaking head* I realize that I will never learn, and if given to me, I would probably take another one.