CHARACTER. Every story has them, and their development is vital to any great story. This month at ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE, we’re talking to authors about GREAT CHARACTER. Authors talk to us about what they think makes up a great character, what great character they’ve found in others’ works, and what great character lurks within one of their own works.

Our next author is one I’ve followed since her first book, Scoop dropped in 2006. It’s not a coincidence that she’s here on AtBaP this month; I fell for her stories because of her spunky, colorful, realistic lead character, Cauley MacKinnon. Welcome Kit Frazier to All the Blog’s a Page!

FBI Special Agent Tom Logan is back in town, and he’s got a proposition for obituary writer Cauley MacKinnon. He needs somebody dead. And who better to help fake the death of a weasel-y informant than Cauley, aka the Obituary Babe?

But things go awry when the snitch is gunned down on the way to the courthouse, his sister is nabbed by a mysterious cloaked figure and soon Cauley is up to her eyelashes in hot guys, dead bodies, and on the hunt for the missing sister with her search and rescue dog, Marlowe.

Head over to All the Blog’s a Page now and check out Kit’s thoughts on great characters and to check out an excerpt of her latest work, Dead Sexy!

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