The Author

Ciara Denise was born and raised in South Florida. Growing up in a home with four sisters and a brother, privacy was always scarce. Ciara turned to writing at the age of ten as a means to maintain her sanity. Through writing she was able to not only express her feelings and inner thoughts; she was also able to better understand them. Now a grown woman with a family of her own, She has fully realized what it means to multi-task! Between working full time as a Paralegal, maintaining a household, and running after toddlers, she was soon running on empty and looking for solutions. Ciara realized that the only way to be able to do all the things she loved and still have the energy to take care of herself, she would need a plan. She turned to the one thing that had always kept her sane and proceeded to write out all of her responsibilities. After organizing and prioritizing all the things that made up her life that plan was beginning to look more like a Life Plan that detailed everything that she truly wanted her life to be. All she had to do was DECIDE on the changes she wanted to make and implement them by way of her life plan! It was time to stop re-acting to life and begin living in a way that would truly make her happy!

You can learn more about Ciara by checking her out on her official website.

The Book

Every Woman Needs a Plan (EWNAP) focuses on self-love, time management, and goal setting skills to help women clear out mental and physical clutter. This is the only way to figure out and to make room for what you really want in your life!

What will you learn from EWNAP?

√ Direct instructions on how to create your very own Life Plan!
√ Simple tips to erase clutter & chaos from your mind, your home, &
    your life!
√ An essential cleaning guide & tips for any woman caring for a family &
    a home!
√ A journal to keep your inner most thoughts on your journey to Loving
   your Life!
√ Much, much more for the Woman that wants to do & be it all!

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The Interview

Who is an “Every Woman”?
An “Every Woman” is basically the woman who lets nothing stop her from happiness, whatever that maybe. The woman who takes on multiple hats without complaint simply because it needs to be done. She takes care of family and takes care of business. But most importantly, she takes care of herself!

How can your book, EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A PLAN assist the “Every Woman”?
My book was written with the struggling woman in mind. It wasn’t too long ago that my “to-do” list was never ending and didn’t leave space for “me” time or anything concerning me, outside of what needed to be done at work or at home. I was miserable because on one hand, I loved my family and wanted them to be happy and well-taken care of. But, I also yearned for the stress free time of not having to worry about anyone’s needs outside of my own. The balance for me was to not neglect the things I wanted to do for myself by eliminating all the clutter and disorganization that takes up most of our time. There are easier ways to keep a house clean. There are ways to enjoy the time spent on mundane, everyday tasks. There are ways to fit it all in, and my book explores those options. There is also a journal within the book. I felt this was necessary because not only did it help me to organize my thoughts and create a clear plan, but it helps to have something to go back to and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

I read on your site that you are an Every Woman Lifestyle Coach. Talk to us a little about that–what do you do, what do you offer?
I am actually still in the process of becoming certified, which is why I am not offering services just yet. Coaching is something that I feel comes naturally to me. I’ve always been the “go-to friend” when motivation or uplifting {or reality check, lol} was needed. I enjoy helping women in specific, because we do try to take on the world and I believe that we can … with a PLAN! I plan to offer one on one telephone sessions for women who need a personal coach to help achieve their goals while still having to work full-time or go to school. Whether that goal is to turn a passion into profit or simply get back to what makes you happy as a person, we often think it’s impossible once we have the big job or the family. This simply isn’t true. I also plan to offer group sessions and e-courses, something for every budget and schedule.

What are three things women can do or start to do RIGHT NOW that can help ease their load and put focus back on their well being?

  • Write it out! Get to the bottom of what is really missing from your life. It may not be as clear cut as, “Oh, I need to go out tonight”. If you still hate your job or are still screaming at your family once you return from that night on the town, you have bigger fish to fry than a momentary break from your life … you need a new life! In order to figure out what the real problem is you have to be able to clearly see what’s going on and the easiest way for me to do that was to write. Don’t hold all that stuff in because it does add up. Find some form of expression and you’ll soon see that the answers are closer than they appear in the mirror!
  • Get comfortable with saying NO! My journals would start off something like, “Such and such makes me soooo angry when he asks me to do such and such. Doesn’t he know I already have enough to do!” and it would always end with “Well, I could have said no, I have such and such to do already.” It’s simple, people are selfish. “He” didn’t think about everything that’s already on my plate because he was trying to clear his. A simple reminder is all that’s needed sometimes but there will be times when you have to stand firm.
  • Stop Procrastinating. Do what needs to be done while it’s a small task. A little everyday doesn’t take up much time. Whereas, cleaning the entire house will take your entire day. Break down big projects if you have to. You’ll feel great because you got stuff done, and you’ll enjoy your “me” time even more because nothings looming over your head!

Tell us about upcoming projects, events you’re working on.
The Every Woman Lifestyle community is in the works, along with my actual coaching practice. Being an Every Woman is a lifestyle in itself and I think it’s great for anyone to strive for what makes them happy regardless of their life situation. I also plan to write more EWNAP series!