The Author

Catina Sinches has always had a love for writing. Short stories and poems served as her foundation. A new chapter in her life has begun as she pursues her dream of becoming an author. Coupled with women she knew and her own life experiences motivated her to write Full Figure Monologues. ” I wanted to create something on a personal level that was not centered around losing weight nor what was going on in the fashion industry.” She hopes to inspire and encourage women through writing.

Catina currently resides in Texas. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Texas Southern University and she is also a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

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The Book

Full Figure Monologues was written to inspire and lend a voice to full-figured women. It focuses on real life issues and captures our hopes, worries and triumphs. The intent is to open up dialogue and encourage people to sit back and look at life from the point of view of women who are realistically the population within society. Women will be able to truly see themselves or someone they know who has dealt with the struggle to love their curves, entertaining negative thoughts, their relationship with food, letting go of the past as well as the courage to pursue their dreams.

Along with our curves, we are real women with everyday struggles. The women in the book put life into perspective and open up to show others that they are never alone. Life is not always going to be easy no matter what size you are, but the journey is absolutely worth it.

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The Interview

What FIVE adjectives best describe Full Figure Monologues?

  • Unique
  • Conversational
  • Relatable
  • Real
  • Inspiring

There are many things that can inspire a writer to pen a work–other books, other authors, family, friends, places, etc. What are FOUR things that inspired you to begin Full Figure Monologues and to complete and publish it?
As I have been full-figured all of my life and was exposed to size discrimination at such a young age, I wanted to write something from a perspective of having to deal with it throughout my life. My friends were excited to see content that was geared toward the curvy community because we are not being catered to as much as we should. As well as being supportive, my family inspired to me to write the book as well.

Every writer, while going through the journey of writing a book, learns a few lessons along the way. What are THREE things you learned in the process of writing and publishing Full Figure Monologues?
You have to have patience.
Writing requires passion.
Bringing your words to life is an truly a craft.

What are TWO ways in which you are promoting Full Figure Monologues online?
I am utilizing Facebook by posting information about my book on my personal page and author’s page, placing the content on the wall of friends, as well as reaching out to the Facebook community.

I’m a reader who has just finished Full Figure Monologues. What’s ONE thing you hope I will take away from reading your book?
Love yourself always and never let your size determine your worth.

The Excerpt

Now It Begins

No one can truly understand what it is to be a full figured woman until you have worn the outfit and walked in our beautiful shoes. For many, the outfit has been our armor – a shield of unparalleled strength that we have worn since we were cute chubby little girls. Teasing was a cruel reality that we had to continually endure . The teasing had many faces as it came from our own family members, friends, kids at school as well as strangers. Our pretty faces were often covered in tears and were a source of comfort to reveal our pain as we were too young to truly understand why people were being so mean to us. The arms of a loving adult or older sibling was also our refuge as they wiped our tears because we could not understand why they called us names.

Now take a step back and look at what you have endured and the blessing that you are still here standing tall. Despite the bumps and bruises during our journey, we had the strength to carry on. We can’t change the past but we can take control of the present and begin enjoying life right now and the many years to come. I know for myself that I can never be mistaken for anything else, other than a courageous woman. It is with a sincere heart that I hope you wake up everyday to the sun rays caressing your beautiful face and start living. When you take the first step and use your heart as your guide, you will have the courage and strength to stand against anything.