Are YOU Writing?

If you’re a writer, you should be writing. Point. Blank. Period. And I’m one to talk because I’m a writer who is NOT writing, but I know I SHOULD BE writing, and that knowledge riddles me with guilt. Because of that guilt, I decided to create a little sign that I’ll post right beside my monitor so that I’m reminded that if I am indeed a writer, then I should be writing. If you type in “Are you happy?” into Google, you’ll get a plethora of images that have this similar layout. I figured I would make me one for writing as motivation. Want a copy? Download this PDF version (size, 8×10). Have a good one, and eh… get some writing done.

Rock the Tiara with Passionista Julia Press Simmons

Rock the Tiara features women who are living their passion by any means necessary. August’s RtT Recipient is a woman I’ve known for YEARS, and she is one of the funniest, one of the realest, one of the most talented chicas in my squad: Julia Press Simmons! Read about her awesomeness below and check out her RtT Interview!   Julia Press Simmons is the CEO of BraveGirl Publishing, QMB Publishing, Amerime Media. AJA Cleaning Service, and 215 HomeBuyers. She is the critically acclaimed author of more than twenty titles including Strawberry Mansion, Begonia Brown, Violet, and Fornication. She is an award winning spoken word artist, and playwright. Her play Down There was selected by the Shades of Black Festival Emerging Playwright’s Series in Nashville, Tenn. Down There also received a staged reading by the African American Playwriting Exchange in New York City. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. {website | facebook […]