In Need of a Joshua Man by Teresa D. Patterson

When Audrey Peterson walks into church feeling the need to purge past sins, she sees Pastor Raymond Dickerson and is immediately put off by his striking good looks. She unfairly assumes that he must be one of those hypocritical preachers, the kind that praises the Lord on Sunday and raises hell the rest of the week.

As Audrey opens her heart and listens to Pastor Dickerson’s sermon, she decides that her preconceived views may be wrong. There’s more to the pastor than a handsome face. She feels something that she can’t explain when she briefly shakes his hand upon leaving the church, and that “something” is returned by the pastor. He senses something different about Audrey from first glance. He sweats at the altar and has to brace himself before he can carry on with his sermon. He feels a connection, just like her, and finds himself turning to God for answers.

At first, Raymond is unsure of what role he’s to play in Audrey’s life. Once he receives confirmation from God that she is to be his “help meet,” he sets out to teach her about loving God and herself. He ends up being the “Joshua Man” who leads her out of the wilderness into a land of promise.

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About the Author

Teresa D. Patterson, who also writes under the pseudonym, Diane Diamond and Sheisty, is the author of Its Your World, Black Girl, Project Queen, Uncrossing Her Legs, and Ex-boyfriend. She has a degree in business, and resides in Florida with her two sons.

You can learn more about Teresa at her website.