The Author

Nathasha Brooks-Harris is the author of several published books. Her debut novel, Panache, earned her the prestigious Emma Award, and she was named Best New Author in 2002. Her second novel, an anthology called Can I Get An Amen Again, was published last year by Kimani Books (now Harlequin). It is the follow-up to Can I Get An Amen–which earned a place on four bestseller lists before it even hit the shelves! A third book in the Amen series is in negotiation. Her second full-length novel, Sins of The Past, is scheduled for publication in March 2009. She is the former editor of three national women’s confession/romance magazines: True Confessions, Black Romance, and Bronze Thrills magazines. She was a Contributing Editor to Today’s Black Woman magazine. She is a member of Romance Writers of America National, the local New York City RWA chapter, Author’s Guild, and the New York City chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. In addition, she teaches writing at the Frederick Douglas Creative Arts Center, and travels across the country teaching writing seminars and workshops. She can be reached at or Brooks-Harris may be found on MySpace and her website.

The Book

Sabrina Jackson, a housekeeper and single mom works for the uppity Mrs. Boardraye, the wife of the city’s most successful canning company owner. Barely scraping by on the paltry salary Sabrina’s paid, she lives in the projects raising her young daughter, Kayla. One day, the finest tall and handsome man Sabrina ever seen catches her eye when he comes to the Boardraye home to present his new spring line. Where Sabrina sees poor, Quentin sees incredibly sexy, sassy, and vibrant. Despite her reservations about their different backgrounds and Mrs. Boardraye’s forbidding her to fraternize with Quentin, the starry-eyed couple begins to date. Will their love win out over their station in life? Will they give in to what’s in their heart and love each other despite all of their differences?

Opposites Attract …So Good, So Right is available at Lady Leo Publishing.

EXCERPT of Opposites Attract …So Good, So Right

“Wow, what an incredible story. Now, I see why my being a housekeeper doesn’t bother you.”

It was getting late and neither of us wanted to go, but we needed to get some rest for work the next day, so Quentin took me home and came around to open the car door. Putting his arm around me, he walked me to my apartment. I had such a lovely time that I don’t want you to go. We’re from two different worlds, but I sure wish we could try, I thought.

Within minutes, Quentin claimed my lips, crushing me to him. I felt my knees weaken as his lips descended upon mine. His tongue traced the fullness of my lips, then explored the inner recesses of my mouth. His lips demanded answers that I wasn’t sure I could give. But I did because Quentin’s lips demanded a response. I returned his kiss with the same intensity of heat that joins metal. Spirals of ecstasy rippled through my body setting it aflame. Quentin Maxwell had rendered me senseless.

“Would you…like to…come in for…a cup of coffee?” I asked, unable to speak a sensible sentence.

“I had a wonderful tine with you, tonight, Sabrina, and I would welcome the chance to spend more time with you,” he said, planting sweet kisses on my neck.

“Yes, I’d love a cup of coffee, thanks.”

We drank the java and was working on the second cup, but we never finished it. Quentin drew my lips to his in a renewed embrace, kissing me with a hunger that belied his outward calm. I was shocked at my wanton response to the touch of his lips. At that juncture, no words needed to be said and none were. . .

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