Make Your Writing Bloom, a book to help writers who are stuck (in writing) get unstuck, is written by writing evangelist Shonell Bacon.

Shonell is a Jacqueline of all trades and a mistress of some; her primary goals are to educate, entertain, and excite her readers and clients.

She adores words and the stories that can be created from them–whether her stories or those of her clients. Shonell will tell you that she was born to teach and came out the womb doing so, but professionally, she’s been an educator for 17 years, teaching university courses in English and mass communication. Her biggest joy of teaching, especially as an editor, comes when clients return with their second book to be edited, and she can see the growth of their writing–because they learned from their first story’s edit with her!


Shonell loves helping her clients, and that’s the main reason she wrote Make Your Writing Bloom and will continue to bring forth small books on the writing craft–to help her clients and all other writers, new and veteran, grow in the word(play) of storytelling!

You can purchase MYWB in three ways:

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  • Paperback — The paperback version has journaling pages!
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