A Fangirl’s Dream Comes True (MYWB)

Most people who “know me” know me will be able to answer this question: Who is Shonell’s favorite author? Answer? Bernice McFadden. Almost 20 years ago, I was an undergraduate and needed to come up with an idea for a research paper. I wanted to examine the portrayals of black women in fiction, and by […]

Quotes from Make Your Writing Bloom

When working on Make Your Writing Bloom, my very dear sister from another mother and fellow writer Samara King suggested I add callouts in the book that contained quotes worth remembering. Below are a five quotes from MYWB to think on!   Writing (or not writing) affects your body, mind, and spirit. ||||||| Fear can push […]

WHO Is Behind Make Your Writing Bloom?

Make Your Writing Bloom, a book to help writers who are stuck (in writing) get unstuck, is written by writing evangelist Shonell Bacon. Shonell is a Jacqueline of all trades and a mistress of some; her primary goals are to educate, entertain, and excite her readers and clients. She adores words and the stories that […]