Starting January 1, 2010, the number of edits I do a month will change indefinitely. One or two edits will be done per month (and no books over 100,000 words). I will not be doing edits in May, September, or December 2010. If you are interested in my services and wish to reserve a spot for 2010, spaces are available; however, they do go quickly because I have many repeat clients, and new clients crop up weekly.

You will need to reserve a space at least a month in advance. When you reserve a spot, you will be required to put down a $50.00 deposit on editorial services (paid through PayPal ~ will be applied to overall editorial fee); the remainder balance will be paid according to a fee schedule you and I set up.

I will contact all scheduled clients at least two weeks before an edit to insure you are still interested in the services. If for any reason you wish to cancel or postpone editorial services, the deposit will not be refunded.

Vacant spots not filled within two weeks before an upcoming month will be deleted from the editing queue.

Be sure to check out the Editorial Services page at CLG Entertainment and contact me at the e-mail address provided on there. The page also contains the type of information you should send in the e-mail, such as project name, genre, and word count.

Thanks ~ looking forward to hearing from you!