Victorian Dreams by Empress LaBlaQue

Allie Beset is employed by Sullivan Realtors. When asked to photograph an old mansion for their Internet site, she opens a door and finds herself back in the Victorian era. Although it’s the 1800’s, Allie discovers she was never a slave, wealthy, and married to a refined blue-eyed lawyer. Edward Coe is about to run for Governor, but people are not about to accept his Black wife. How far will people go to destroy this mixed-matched pair and their undying affections?

Keywords: BW/WM, Interracial, Fantasy, Historical, Time Travel, Empress LaBlaQue

Take a taste of Victorian Dreams with the following excerpt…


By the time I reached downstairs, I photographed the kitchen where I found When the door swung opened, I marveled that the room was totally furnished. Elegant Victorian style furnishings filled the room. Busy wallpaper adhered to the wall and heavy velvet curtains were draped impressively about the large windows.

Three people turned toward the door when it opened. A heavy-set black woman, wearing a white blouse with puffy sleeves acknowledged my presence. With her legs tucked beneath, her long black skirt flowed neatly about the sofa. Her collar was stiff and high; around her neck laid a lovely cameo pin. Sitting on either side of her were two men in padded back minuet chairs.

The older black male had a heavy build, and graying temples. Although, the other male was a younger Caucasian, he was quite pleasing to the eye. Both were wearing white shirts with dark-green brocade vests. Around their necks were oddly shaped neckties. I didn’t recognize these people at all. “What tha . . .” Feeling as though I had interrupted a rehearsal for a Victorian stage play, I stepped backwards, then turned to walk away.

“Ali,” the woman said affectionately, “we were just discussing you, Dear.”

“What’s going on?” I asked, feeling slightly nauseated. “What’s the occasion?”

The woman spoke up with a cheerful tone. “We’re having afternoon tea.” She nervously preened her tightly curled hair. “I’ll bet you’ve had a difficult day. Are you hungry?”

Suddenly, I felt faint. I reached out my hand, held the door facing, and leaned against it. My head slumped toward the floor. “I’m feeling kinda strange,” I managed.

The younger man rushed over. “Are you feeling okay? That was quite a ghastly fall.” He supported my elbow with his hand. “Really, Ali–you must be careful.”

Raising my face toward his, I repeated, “A fall?” Gasping for breath, I acknowledged, “I don’t recall- any- fall.”

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About the Author

Empress LaBlaque is a connoisseur of fine romance. She has the ability to find romance in any situation. Her subject, character, and plot are never boring which creates a hard-hitting and interesting read. Whether writing a good romantic mystery or a breathtaking time travel, Empress will not disappoint her reading audience.

You can learn more about Empress at MySpace and her blog.