If you have preteens, you definitely should check out the first two stories in Julian T. Nichols’ Treasure Protector Series! Travel with Anna through her dreams as she meets the Treasure Protectors. With each meeting, Anna gets closer and closer to her true destiny. Joy and Kindness detail her first two encounters.

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What’s Joy about?
Anna is excited about turning nine and getting her birthday wish. What she does not expect is to have a dream where she meets a real live princess. Anna goes to sleep and wakes up in a new world where she meets the one trusted to protect one of the world’s most precious treasures.

Joy Sneak Peek
Anna looked on as Damisi pulled items from her bag. “Get ready for what?” she asked.

Damisi laughed. “You will be crowned today. You are one of us.”

“One of us?”

Damisi stopped and looked around the seemingly empty forest. For the first time, Anna felt a twinge of fear, like she was not supposed to be there. She could feel Damisi’s tension.

Damisi leaned over and whispered, “A Treasure Protector.”

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What’s Kindness about?
All Anna wants to do for her 10th birthday is celebrate with her best friends. When a bad decision threatens to ruin her birthday, Anna has to dream up a way to make things better.
In her birthday dream, Anna will learn the true meaning of kindness in the strangest way and get one more birthday closer to her destiny.

Kindness Sneak Peek
The sky was pink and orange with hints of blue, and it seemed as if the clouds were dancing.

“Ouch,” Anna cried as she looked around for the person who had thrown a pebble at her.

“Ouch!” She lifted her hand to shield herself.

“Stop it. She can’t see you!”

“Well then she needs to move,” a boy’s voice responded.

Suddenly, two forms materialized as if a curtain had been pulled back. A pretty, pale girl with strawberry blond hair and an equally pale boy with brown hair and green eyes walked toward her. They seemed to sparkle as they got closer to her. Before Anna could say a single word, more children appeared all around her, throwing pebbles!

The boy moved quickly, grabbing her out of the way. “Well, you can’t just stand in the middle of the battlefield. We are at war!”

About the Author

Julian T. Nichols is an avid reader and lover of books first and author second. Nichols is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who currently lives with his two children. They serve as inspirations for the Treasure Protector series.

You can follow Nichols on Twitter and Facebook.