Hey there, Gang!

It’s Saturday morning, and my brain is dying. I’ve been suffering from migraines for the last week, and today, I woke up crying. The pain is literally, unbearable. Can’t really see, and my meds aren’t working. I’m probably going to try to lay down and hope, and pray, that the pain will subside for a bit today because I have a lot to do this weekend. I’m co-moderating a book discussion on The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and Sugar by Bernice McFadden for Black History Month, and I need to get my notes together. I also have a little over 100 pages worth of essays to read on creole history for a program I begin co-moderating in a little over a week. I also need to prep for next week’s classes, try to straighten up the homestead a bit, and perhaps…perhaps, try to rejuvenate my writing. A LONG LIST…let’s hope some of that gets done.

Over @ MySpace, I have started an online, weekly (on Saturday) serial titled, Just One Night. I invite you to come over, read, and leave comments! So far, it’s been favorably received.

Here are the links to the current episodes; if you are a MySpace member, consider subscribing to my blog; I do other things on there like talk about entertainment, women’s issues, writerly issues, and more.

Also, I’m currently lining up new interviews for this blog; my goal is to interview more great women writers and also look at book clubs and other avenues!

Keep coming back…will have great things for ya!

Love you all…hope you’re all doing well!

Stay blessed ~ shon