The Author

Author Samara King has penned 8 novellas and 1 novel to her credit all within the African-American, Interracial, Multi-cultural erotic romance genres ranging from contemporary to paranormal and has added her passion for poetry into the mix. She strives and endorses diversity between the pages of her books and poetry.

Samara wrote her first love story in the 8th grade and has been addicted to romantic fiction every since. She lives in Chicago with her precocious son and indulges in people watching, dancing, singing, catching up on CSI and Ugly Betty.

Currently writes for Cobblestone Press, Loose Id, Changeling Press, Total E-Bound and will be adding the title of Publisher under her belt for herself publishing company, Eclectic Soul Press and her BlogTalkRadio segments; SoundNOff with co-host author Chamsil, which showcases Poets, Spoken Word artists and all spectrum of poetical prose and Tale It Like It Is, a spotlight feature presentation on authors.

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The Book

What’s a woman to do when she discovers she used to be married to a spy? Cassidy Raleigh Sebastien has learned to live without her ex Gabriel, that is until he returns to New Orleans and sweeps back into her life one night during a masquerade party. She has no plans on letting Gabe see the desire that still makes her heart pound, especially when a mysterious stranger beats him to the punch. Gone are the days of playing spy for former agent, Gabe Sebastien. His only mission: to reconquer Cassidy’s heart and he’ll start with his own covert operation of seduction.

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The Interview

Samara King is… an eclectic writer who pens novellas and novels all within the drama, light suspense and sensual fiction realm, which includes African-American, interracial, and multicultural fiction and poetry.

When I write… I transcend into Samara King and the description of all that is her. Fun, flirty and challenging. Throwing characters against others that will give them a rollercoaster ride.

When you crack open one of my books, I want… I want readers to get caught up in the characters and the tensions, joys and heat between them.

My favorite book (of mine) is… PULSE because this novella actually took me as the writer and held me captive with the characters and the danger chasing them. Though short, the characters Cassidy and Gabriel are very memorable and so is their love story.

How important is it for a writer to connect, to resonate in her work? I think it’s vital! If I don’t feel I am connecting to a character or a story, then I can’t expect a reader to do the same. And if I am not connecting, something must change.

How important is it for a writer to “grow”…and what does growth mean to you as a writer? Growth is part of the writing journey in my opinion. My writing style now has varied from the work I currently have out – it has broaden which I believe readers will see from my upcoming works. Growth means always placing yourself in a position to learn.

You’ve moved into poetry over the last year, and I’ve had the pleasure of reading them – deep, powerful. What do you get from writing your poetic pieces? Poetry is a big part of who I am. The words come to me embedded with life experiences, passing thoughts. Poetry for me is born from every breath I take and I learn something different each time. It has helped me step outside my comfort zone and expose another level of my creative self.

Which piece resonates in you the most and why? I would say the poem I STAND. I wrote this poem on the tail of the great Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise. I STAND speaks to women overcoming and standing for their beliefs and goals. As a woman, the trials of standing are not always easy but must be done in order to accomplish your purpose in life and that’s a journey I’m currently on.

I STAND Maya said Still I Rise So I STAND Going after what’s rightfully mine in full demand. See if I don’t take action, if I don’t move What is it that I aim to prove? Too many times, I turned from higher ground Never making a sound Offering too readily a silent defeat Never lifting my feet Didn’t take on that battle For less, I’d settle Forgetting of whom I belong Altering my internal song To somebody else’s tune Somebody else’s melody Hiding the real in me, being what someone else longed for me to be Triumphantly I say, No longer will I betray That inner call I will be the strong one Or none at all Maya said Still I Rise So I stand Knowing that no woman or man Will do what I can I come as each has been called Going beyond giving it my best, giving it my all Enthralled With the journey that is within me Inside me It blinds me That to which I could not see before That to which was so deep in my core Today is a new day Maya said Still I Rise So I STAND. 


Erotic fiction, soul-stirring poetry – where do you see your words moving next? Actually, I’m not sure. I’m enjoying the new motley of my creative vibe right now and learning within its depths of the things I can create and diversify. 

Where is SAMARA KING going? What projects are you currently involved in? Samara King is going everywhere! One day I’d like to write a script, but right now I’m concentrating on my novellas/novels and poetry. I currently am in the process of writing several novellas and one potential novel and a poetry collection titled The Ebony Kryptonite coming out this winter.

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  1. I like your style, continue to do you thing. STILL, YOU RISE. Congratulations!

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