Rock the Tiara features women who are living their passion by any means necessary. August’s RtT Recipient is a woman I’ve known for YEARS, and she is one of the funniest, one of the realest, one of the most talented chicas in my squad: Julia Press Simmons! Read about her awesomeness below and check out her RtT Interview!



Julia Press Simmons is the CEO of BraveGirl Publishing, QMB Publishing, Amerime Media. AJA Cleaning Service, and 215 HomeBuyers. She is the critically acclaimed author of more than twenty titles including Strawberry Mansion, Begonia Brown, Violet, and Fornication. She is an award winning spoken word artist, and playwright. Her play Down There was selected by the Shades of Black Festival Emerging Playwright’s Series in Nashville, Tenn. Down There also received a staged reading by the African American Playwriting Exchange in New York City. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family.

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Where does your ultimate passion dwell?
A few years ago, I would have said that writing was my ultimate passion, hands down, and point blank period… now not so much. I am way more passionate about self-improvement. My priorities have shifted to my wellbeing, and the wellbeing of my immediate family. I am passionate about being a better human, business woman, daughter, mother, and mate. I constantly listen to motivational and inspirational videos and audio books. I’m on a mission to live positively, and cherish my happy because it took a damn long time for me to get to this state.


How have you taken that passion and breathed life into it?
I decided to enjoy the process of becoming. I used to rush from goal to goal, and then waste a bunch of time celebrating any accomplishment. It sounds like a decent way to live, but I was cheating myself out of the joy that’s in the journey. Now if I manage to pray in the morning, workout during the day, and revel in the moments. I no longer wait until mission accomplished to celebrate. I celebrate the moments. I chose happy more often than not, and that feeds my passion of becoming the woman of my dreams.


Has fear ever tried to stop you from pursuing your passion? If yes, how do you conquer the fear? If no, how do you keep it at bay?
Chile, yes lawd!!!! I am always biting off big ole pieces of my dreams, and I am always afraid. Fear, to me, is a pure sign that I am going in the right direction. I just make sure my faith is stronger, and I face fear with prayer. I named one of my publishing imprints “BraveGirl.” My clothing and inspirational nonfiction is branded “Bravegirlology.” I take great pride in being brave, and bravery can only exist where fear is present. I run five companies, and am currently about to open a retail store. This is very scary shit, but I’m going to do it anyway. Faith over fear, FAITH OVER EVERYTHING!



How do you share your passion with others? Does sharing bring others to tap into their passion?
Well, I’m a lil social media butterfly, and am constantly trying to use my platform to spread love and light. I share my videos, my workout pics, my philosophies, and my relationships on all of my social networks. People are always inboxing, and tweeting me that my words, posts, and pics inspire them, and I’ve found that inspiration is cyclical. I am inspired by those comments and draw strength from them to share more, and live louder.


What is one quote that epitomizes you and your passion?
“I am my problem, but I am also my solution.” I don’t know the original author of this quote; all I know is that it speaks to my current state of mind.



What is one song that epitomizes you and your passion?
Beyonce’s “Formation”


What is one word that epitomizes you and your passion?


What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone looking to find her passion and use it?
Trust your dopeness.