Coming April 10th: Trinidad and April’s Amelie by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Trinidad was hired to trail Amelie, to make sure she was okay and stayed away from her hometown while her twin sister and brother-in-law bonded with a child she carried and birthed who was actually the product of her sister’s eggs and brother-in-law’s sperm that that she stole from them. To further add to her […]

Author Angelia Vernon Menchan Shares a Tantalizing Taste of Love’s Culture

Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author, publisher and entrepreneur who is about forward motion while remembering history.  Follow Angelia at Twitter, and check out her blog, SERIALS by Angelia Vernon Menchan, to learn more about Angelia and to immerse yourself in her wonderful stories. Excerpt from Love’s Culture For the signing, Sadia made a point […]