I have been blessed to meet wonderful people who exude positive energy, an energy that not only attracts you to them but also makes you want to be filled with that same positive energy.

Author and entrepreneur Pachet Burson is one of those people in my life, and when she told me about her new endeavor, I was compelled to share in the hope that those who love to inspire, who love to be inspired, who love to dwell in and celebrate their and others’ creativity would join in and contribute to this worthwhile project!

Pachet Burson is a mother of three, wife, writer,
blogger, and creative mind. She’s been called a “creative trifecta”
because of her love of all things innovative. Whether she’s taking
pictures, writing stories or making jewelry, Pachet believes that
creativity is something that everyone possesses and it should be
utilized daily to aid in inspiring, motivating and problem solving. She
aspires to encourage and empower others to tap into their creative sides
and continue the cycle of inspiration, motivation and empowerment. When
she’s not working, avid coffee drinker Pachet is reading with the
kids, eating sushi with her husband in Chicago, or lusting after Optimus
Prime while eating butter pecan ice cream. You can learn more about Pachet at the following online outlets:
her blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Not too long ago, Pachet was inspired to create her new project, THE OPTIMIST-KIT. The Optimist-Kit is a monthly subscription box service featuring a journal, a writing utensil, stimulating trinkets and a unique 30-day inspirational challenge all packaged together with a creative theme.

Pachet told me that inspiration for The Optimist-Kit struck “when one of my followers on Instagram
commented on a picture I took of an affirmation I wrote. Something told
me to reach out to her, and I did via email. After she emailed me, I told
her that I wanted to send her something like a care package. At that
time I had no idea what I wanted to send, but I swear, God spoke to me
and told me ‘This is what you’re going to do. This is your business.’
And just like that, I started drafting my idea of The Optimist-Kit.”

With her divine inspiration for the kits, Pachet sees big things for what the Optimist-Kit can do. “At the end of the day,” she said, “I want to share the power of
creativity and passion with the world. I believe that we harbor so many
thoughts, dreams and even baggage that we cannot truly be ourselves
because we fear of what others think. 

“I used to fear sharing my ideas,
dreams and even past experiences with others out of fear of what they
would say, but journaling helped me open up and also helped me share some
of my experiences with others. I said recently, if I can inspire one
person then that’s enough for me and it’s true. All it takes is one.

Pachet’s ultimate goal of The Optimist-Kit is broken down in four words: CREATE. INSPIRE. MOTIVATE. REPEAT.

  • CREATE: A daily writing ritual to ignite innovation and positive thinking.
  • INSPIRE: Oneself and others to find their passion(s), let go of negativity and embrace the person that we have all been blessed to be and become.
  • MOTIVATE: Others to be part of a positive movement and pay it forward.
  • REPEAT: Create the ultimate cycle of optimism and passion.

Pachet has already launched her April kits, and is currently fundraising for The Optimist-Kit via Booster.com. She is looking to raise $600 to help fund the upcoming kits for May, June and July through the purchase of t-shirts that she has designed.

Pachet is selling shirts featuring these four cores via Booster for just $24. These shirts will not only help raise funds, but they will also help spread the word about The Optimist-Kit.

“I believe that The Optimist-Kit is needed for anyone and everyone looking to release their inner thoughts and/or uncover their passions,” Pachet said. “I would truly appreciate your support in any way that you can give it. Buy a shirt, spread the word about the fundraiser daily or weekly, no matter how you do it, please know that it will not be taken for granted.”

To purchase a shirt and view Pachet’s campaign, please check out her Booster campaign HERE.