If you don’t know about Twitter, then you need to check it out. I’ve met some great people there like Tim McTee, co-founder of the new site Blog Collage.

How Long Has Blog Collage Been In Existence?
Blog Collage is brand new. We launched BlogCollage.com on Friday August 22, 2008.

What Was The Spark That Led You To Create Blog Collage?
Well, the blog collage is a partnering venture between me and my brother Zack. We live on opposite sides of the country and our only way for communication is iChat. Zack is very savvy with computers, blogging and all things Web 2.0 and has been blogging since I can remember. A couple of years ago, after lots of “haha”s and “wtf”s, he convinced me I needed to start expressing my humor and strong opinions in a blog.

Soon after that, I wanted to know who was reading my blog, how to get more people to read it, and where I could find some other interesting blogs for my personal enjoyment and sourcing. He explained to me some different options, most of which seemed either too time consuming, or costly. It was long that we came up with the idea for the Blog Collage.

How Can Blog Collage Help Generate Traffic To A Person’s Blog?
There are many ways in which the collage can generate traffic to a someone’s blog. For starters, we have RSS feeds for people to add to their reader of choice; this makes it possible for people who don’t have time to visit our site everyday to gain access through their rss reader to the most recently added blogs, the most active blogs, and our latest blog articles.

We are also in the process of developing widgets, web applications, and a blogcollage iphone application; all of which will be distributed through popular social media networks.

In addition to the above, anybody who adds their blog to the collage will be piggy-backing on our adwords campaign and widespread social networking efforts including our Twitter feed where every time a blog is added, we will post a tweet to our network….oh, and let’s not forget the people who will be visiting the site on a daily basis to click on random, interesting images to be introduced to new blogs that they would have otherwise never found.

Has Blog Collage been a successful endeavor thus far?
Although it’s been less than a month, we are having some incredible feedback so far. We look forward to continued, widespread compliments from both blog writers and readers.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal For Blog Collage?
The ultimate goal for Blog Collage is to create a place that will benefit bloggers and readers alike. At the same time, we want our site to be conveniently accessible; we understand that there are endless options on the internet and want our visitors to have options as to how they access our content.

One person may have the time to visit our site everyday; whereas, another person is busy and will want to have something he/she can add to his/her igoogle, rss reader, or social network of choice.

For the price of a pretty good meal at one of the restaurant chains – $25 – Blog Collage subscribers can buy a six-month residency on the grid. With so many blogs and so many books to compete with, writers should utilize all effective ways to promote their works to generate SALES.

Check out Blog Collage today and reserve your spot in what’s sure to be one of the hottest locations for a blog to dwell.