Frustration + Inspiration

I had a day off! It’s finals week, and I didn’t have any exams to give today. Instead of going to school and reading the outlines for tomorrow, I decided to stay home, do some editing and just go in early tomorrow morning before my first exam to read through the outlines. I’ve gotten some […]

Is this the end?

No, but it’s awfully damn close. Final exams are next week, so I still have to give those and grade them; however, this weekend, I am doing non-mcneese related stuff! How exciting! I even left my gradebook at school so that I wouldn’t feel the urge to do something crazy. Despite this happiness, I am […]

Woest Me

Got a few pages in tonight. I will try for a couple more before I go to bed. Tired. Drained. Exhausted. Damn near lifeless. Just consistently praying. For what? Stability. What do you do when it seems as though you do all you can to be a better person and you pray and talk to […]

About to Lose My Religion

I swear, I’m about five seconds away from drop kicking just about ALL of my students. I don’t think I can physically read another word let alone another freaking essay. The worse thing is that the essays are trickling in from students with their barrages of excuses. It’s tiresome. I think it’s been about two […]

Swollen Faces + Snotty Noses

Two weeks. Two weeks before school will be over for the semester, and it had to happen. Saturday morning, I had this horrific, sharp pain in the middle of my chest. By nightfall, my throat was sore. This morning, I woke up with my face tight, my chest thick and my throat sore and slimy. […]