Donna Hill & Pittershawn Palmer are proud to announce the birth of InnerVision Books. InnerVision Books is an e-book publisher, offering published and unpublished authors as well as poets the opportunity to tap into yet another reading market by making full use of today’s technology. Electronic books are the next leap in the literary world and InnerVision Books wants to be the bridge that takes you there. Currently InnerVision Books is seeking manuscripts in the following genres: romance, thrillers, erotica, horror, literary and mainstream fiction. We are also interested in seeking non-fiction work (self-help & how to’s).


Full length novels must be at least 225 manuscript pages, double spaced in 12 pt. Courier type. Submissions are only accepted electronically and should be sent via Word.

Our vision for our fiction both literary and contemporary fiction is to create a new genre which we call “Reality Fiction.” These stories encompass cross-cultural topics such as societal, familial, religious, political concepts, no matter the genre. Main character: one must be African American the other must be of a different ethnic group. Characters must be taken out of their comfort zones, i.e., an African America who finds themselves involved with an Amish character… how the two lifestyles clash but evolve making them evolve as well. (ex. “Witness” featuring Harrison Ford), i.e., and African American character who finds themselves forced to confront someone with HIV when their mindset has been pure homophobic ex., “Philadelphia.” An African American who has moved from their day to day setting to live in another country or community.

Stories should reflect the slow but steady homogenization of the races. They must reflect the current times and how people of different cultures, beliefs and religious affiliations affect their behavior and decisions.

The themes running beneath the storylines should be global in its approach. They can be funny, sexy, serious, entertaining but in all cases enlightening. The reader should close the book and be able to look at life and people differently. Stories can include the “new family” makeup. i.e., Children born from test tubes, adoption of children by those outside of their race and the impact it has on the child as an adult.

Ideally there must be a combination of ethnic characters within each story, making the stories truly multicultural, i.e., AA in Japan, AA in England, and AA homosexual relationship, stories about gentrification of neighborhoods etc. However, an outstanding novel that falls outside of these parameters will be considered.

Novellas: Must be at least 100 pages in length.

Erotica: Stories must be highly sensual but done with taste. There must be a viable storyline with fully developed characters. They can be fantasy stories as well. The characters sexual exploits must come with some realization on the part of the main characters. No stories in which women are abused or victimized, no animals, golden showers or bondage.

Poetry: Coming soon.

Non-fiction: Varies in length from 65-100 pages. Self-help and How To’s

Between the Books: This category is for published authors only who are interested in writing short stories about their characters between the books. So often your readers want to know “what happened next” even if you have no plans for a sequel. Here is your opportunity to tell them what they want to know without writing an entire novel. It is also great for those who write series characters. Length varies from 25 -60 pages.

If you have a story that you think would interest us and readers please send your submission to:

Your submission should include:

  • Your full name
  • E-mail address and phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Title of your work
  • Genre
  • A detailed synopsis (as an attachment)
  • The first three chapters (as an attachment)

If we are interested in publishing your story, we will request to see the entire manuscript. If your manuscript is accepted, you will receive a letter detailing the agreement with InnerVision Books along with the royalty rate and payment schedule. Your manuscript should be as clean as possible with a minimal amount of editorial corrections needed.

Please allow at least six weeks for a response. We look forward to sharing your stories!


The Team @ InnerVision Books