That’s me. School started last week, and I’ve been busy building courses and material as well as editing work for The Nubian Chronicles and SisterDivas magazines. BTW, as of, like NOW, both magazines are live with their WINTER 2006 ISSUES, and both of them are WONDERFUL. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the submissions.

Despite being busy with school and magazines, I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing. I love to write. I feel like it’s my calling. For several reasons, some of which I’ve discussed on here before, I cannot seem to get back in through the door of the publishing industry, so I am beginning to make other plans in order to realize my dream. No one should ever have a dream deferred because of someone else’s thoughts and notions. One should always pursue his or her goals with vigor, and that’s what I plan to do in 2006.

Right now, I know that sounds MYSTERIOUS, but rest assured, when things become solidified on my end, I will let you all know.

Be on the lookout of another GREAT interview with one of my fave female authors. It’s sure to be a treat and learning experience, 🙂

Til later.