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WINTER 2006 (January – March)

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*Josie Okuly releases new novella*
**Interviews with Women Writers**
5) J-O-B


Two big things:

1) SD will have a BLOG counterpart coming at the end of January.
The blog will offer additional interviews, articles, and much more
relating to women.

2) SD for TEENS will be coming in the Spring 2006 issue of SD.
Though Tonya and Shon will be overseeing the SD for TEENS project,
teen newcomer, Jasmine Tompkins will be handling content for the
section. More information to come SOON about SD for TEENS.


Author Josie Okuly ( releases her new
novella, TRIMAGON HALL. In the story, Isabella Trenton arrives
at Trimagon Hall intent on discovering the truth behind her
cousin’s mysterious death. Isabella finds herself attracted to
the handsome Trimagon brothers even though one, or both of them,
might be involved in the incident. Trimagon Hall is a place of
dark legends and mysterious, brooding men. Will Isabella discover
its secrets before she loses everything, including her life?


The air around me seemed charged, and I felt I might burst into
flames if I stood at the window for another moment. Lightning
streaked across the sky, illuminating the sea. In that second
of illumination, the amber glow became apparent for what it was:
a translucent, shimmering eye with an obsidian-colored pupil in
its center. A second flash of lightning revealed a scaly, gray
mass which rose out of the water and then plunged back into the
dark abyss in one fluid movement. The monster disappeared under
the surface of the sea and vanished into the briny void.

I might have stood paralyzed at the window, staring out at the sea
for the remainder of the night, if not for the hands which suddenly
encircled my throat and held me in a grip I could not escape. I
clawed at my attacker, but I could not wrest myself from his hands
as he squeezed the life from my body, my lungs robbed of oxygen.
Darkness closed in on me. In a mindless panic, I grabbed for the
curtains as the intruder lifted me off my feet and began pushing
my body out the window.

For more information, head to Chippewa Publishing at:!


ChickLitGurrl :: Musings of a SOON-TO-BE Bestseller is a great
blog to check out interviews with well-known women writers. CLG
has interviewed

* Lauren Baratz-Logsted & Melissa Senate
* Reon Laudat
* Alesia Holliday
* Jennifer O’Connell
* Jen Lancaster
* Bernice McFadden
* Gena Showalter
* Danyel Smith
* Carly Phillips

To check out the interviews, CLG at On the right hand side of
the blog, there is a list titled AUTHOR INTERVIEWS!


This issue of SD has great articles and interviews pertaining to
what’s going on in books, TV, and music.

INTERVIEW :: Erotic romanc novelist, BELLA ANDRE
ON WHY EROTIC ROMANCE–I’ve found that my voice is well suited to
sexy premises and characters. I stumbled onto the genre via other
authors who were writing erotic romance already, but once I gave it
a shot, I found it to be good fit for my skills. As one reviewer
said, my books are “Scorchingly sexy and emotionally gripping.”

INTERVIEW :: Essence best-selling novelist, ReShonda Tate Billingsley
ON WHY YOU NEED TO BUY HER LATEST BOOK–Chances are, you’ll see one
of your relatives in these pages – whether you want to admit it or

ARTICLE :: A Matter of Dis/Respect by Cheris Hodges
>What’s it about?<
The exploitation of women (and some of their acceptance of it) in
hip hop videos.

ARTICLE :: The MySpace Women of Rock! by Kim Praven-Henderson
>What’s it about?<
One of the hottest places for creative women to promote their

ARTICLE :: The World according to Fantasia by Tonya Howard
>What’s it about?<
Feature on the life of American Idol Winner, Fantasia.

FEATURE :: A Few Good Men on TV
>What’s it about?<
SD spotlights some of the GOOD (and by good we mean yummy!) men
of television.


HEALTH ARTICLE :: New Years New U by Madison Chase
>What’s it about?<
Taking serious steps to get yourself in shape and healthy for
the new year.

FASHION FEATURE :: Staying HOT during the Winter by Tarez Tompkins
>What’s it about?<
Great suggestions on how to look HOT during the cold of winter!


Last time, in episode #3, Campbell was wholly and truly swept off
her feet by Christian and the sensual poem he dedicated to her.
Her fanciful thoughts were heightened more when Christian asked to
spend his last hours in Baltimore with her…and only her.

NOW, in episode #4, it’s Campbell’s birthday, and she must suffer
through a long, tedious day of literary conference sessions before
she can get her ultimate birthday gift…an evening with Christian.

::Excerpt from The Misadventures of a SBF::

Episode #4

“Would it be too embarrassing for you if I kissed you right here,
right now…a small birthday kiss?”

My eyes widened as I chastised myself for wearing such a thin tee.
I knew with one more word from Christian, I would be too perky for
this top.

“Just one,” he continued. “I’ll savor it all day. I figure we’ll
be running around all day. I won’t get to see you much until

Tonight. Thankfully I was sitting down because I felt faint just
thinking about tonight. I looked around, from left to right,
spotting September over at the buffet table talking to Janeane.
I could see them making eyes our way. I tried to ignore them. I
glanced back at Christian who awaited my answer with a devilish
smirk. His lips looked like silk they were so smooth.

“One kiss,” I whispered, feeling like I was about to do something
naughty. Christian smiled at me before leaning in, his lips scantily
close to mine.

“I won’t be able to kiss you like I really want to,” he said, “but
this will have to do…for now.” My eyes widened as his lips touched
mine, and like last night, I moaned, the feeling of his lips on mine
indescribable. His tongue parted my lips quickly, allowing him to
caress my tongue before exiting.


ARTICLE :: Five Personality Traits to Avoid by Shelia M Goss
>What’s it about?<
We are all looking for our soul mate, and in this article, Shelia
Goss alerts us to those who may give us warts.

COLUMN :: Dear ReRe
>What’s on tap?<
ReRe answers questions dealing with feuding best friends, cheating
husbands, and dealing with unrequited feelings on the job.

FEATURE :: Getting in My Own Way by Nicole A. Jefferson
>What’s it about?<
A piece on learning to get through and over past relationships
in order to find love again.

FEATURE :: Ten Ways to Say I Love You
>What’s it about?<
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we offer up ten
unique and loving ways to let your love bunny know how much you

FEATURE :: 10 Quick Tips on How to Keep Your Love Lasting by Toi
>What’s it about?<
Celebrity author Toi Moore and her husband Earth, Wind & Fire
guitarist, Gregory Moore offer tips on how to keep the love
in your relationship.

5) J-O-B

COLUMN :: To the Write Path
>What’s on tap?<
Aspiring published author Amanda Hubbard continues her publishing
industry with some POSITIVE NEWS!

INTERVIEW :: Heather Covington, interviewed by Nicole Stevenson
>What’s it about?<
Stevenson interviews Heather Covington, CEO/Founder of Disilgold
Soul Magazine Online (, the nation’s
largest infusionary online network and home of YOUnity Reviewers
Guild of America.

>What’s it about?<
SD sits down with Loretta White, owner of White Houze Productions;
Loretta tells us about her company and the hard work it takes to
balance home life with work AT home.

ARTICLE :: Top Ten Tips for African Americans Who Want to be Prepared
to Face the Highly Competitive Law School Admissions Process by
Evangeline M. Mitchell, J.D., Ed.M.
>What’s it about?<
Applying to law school is a tedious process; let Evangeline M.
Mitchell help knock some of the stress out the way for you in this

ARTICLE/INTERVIEW :: Young, Powerful, and Determined: Tamika
>What’s it about?<
At just 25, Tamika Johnson is an amazing go-getter, and she
talks with us about her goals, her journey, and her passion to
help other women improve their lots in life.

ARTICLE :: Passion in Your Career: It’s Out There by Teresa
>What’s it about?<
Teresa, the founder and CEO of TradeLogic, LLC, writes about
her passions for her job and for her family.


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