Most people who “know me” know me will be able to answer this question:

Who is Shonell’s favorite author?

Answer? Bernice McFadden.

Almost 20 years ago, I was an undergraduate and needed to come up with an idea for a research paper. I wanted to examine the portrayals of black women in fiction, and by happenstance, I picked up Bernice’s first novel, Sugar, and it not only became a book I used for the paper, but it also made Bernice my favorite author.  Not one book of hers has disappointed me, and I’ve been a diehard fangirl ever since.

Zoom ahead to 2018 and me working on Make Your Writing Bloom. By this point, I had interviewed Bernice nearly 13 years ago for a blog I ran, connected with her via social media, and had become an online acquaintance (the fangirl wants to say “online friend”).

I wanted a blurb for my book, and my dream was to have one from Bernice. The giddiness I felt in thinking she might say yes–totally fangirl gone crazy mode. I won’t tell you how much I went back and forth with myself (a lot!) regarding why I thought Bernice would even say yes to me, but eventually, I asked–and she said YES.

I waited, nervously, anxiously for a response from her, and when she finally responded, my heart soared at her blurb.

Informative and illuminating, Make Your Writing Bloom is an inspiring and valuable guide for the aspirant and veteran writer.

I thanked Bernice in the book for the blurb, but really, there aren’t enough words to express the gratitude I felt from her yes and her response to MYWB.

If you haven’t read Bernice yet, I will forgive you–kinda. Head to her Amazon page and pick you up some literary wonder today.

And while there, pick up Make Your Writing Bloom via Kindle or paperback.

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