BOOK RELEASE: The Watchers-Knight of Light by Deirdra Eden

[Purchase your copy from Amazon today!] All the training in Heaven couldn’t prepare me for the war on earth, nor for the love, loss, or loneliness humans feel. There are things worse than death, and every last one of them is hunting people like us. Even though we all feel human at times, we must […]

Coming Soon: Quiver of the Pure Heart by Burnita Bluitt

Granddaughter of a loving, but roguish businessman, Blis Dumas can’t escape a legacy of lies. The time is 1989. The place is San Francisco, where painful stories of gentrification, eviction and relocation still echo within its limits. Clinging desperately to the Victorian home she inherited, she is confronted by a stranger that brings her a […]

In Touch with Thread of Gold Beads Author Nike Campbell-Fatoki

Amelia, daughter of the last independent King of Danhomè, King Gbèhanzin, is the apple of her father’s eye, loved beyond measure by her mother, and overprotected by her siblings. She searches for her place within the palace amidst conspirators and traitors to the Kingdom. Just when Amelia begins to feel at home in her role […]

Author Paulette Harper Reveals Cover and More for Latest Work, Living Separate Lives

Title: Living Separate Lives Four Friends, One Secret and The Weekend That Changed Their Destiny Author: Paulette Harper Publisher: Thy Word Publishing Genre: Christian Fiction, Novella Hosted By: Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tour ISBN-13: 978-0-9899691-0-9 Releasing: November 5, 2013, e-book and paperback About the Book Candace Walker, Kaylan Smith, Jordan Tate, and Tiffany […]

View the Wonderful Cinematic Trailer to Cecilia T. Capers’ Novel, TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN

Purchase your copy of To Whom Much Is Given at Amazon! Set in New York City, To Whom Much Is Given tells the tale of Avery, a talented, intelligent, and beautiful ‘30-something’ attorney with all the trappings of success as a member of the modern, African American “Talented Tenth.” She has the love and support of a multicultural […]

5-Latte Review of Coleen Paratore’s BIG

When asked to read Coleen Paratore’s Big [Little Pickle Press’ Site and Blog], I was more than delighted to do so. There are many readers of ChickLitGurrl with children, with nieces and nephews, and with friends with children, and Big is a wonderful gift with a great message for kids between the ages of 5 […]