All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Review of Cecilia T. Capers’ To Whom Much Is Given

[Click cover to order To Whom Much Is Given today!] Success has a price and sometimes loved-ones become collateral damage. Avery Benjamin is a beautiful, 30-something, talented New York City corporate attorney of West Indian and African American heritage. A dynamic multicultural mosaic of women friends augments her life. Avery loves Antonio Dawson, a professional football […]

A Satisfying Read: Review of LaShanta Charles’ Lovely Lies

[Click cover to order Lovely Lies today!] Makynzee has spent all of her life being dependent on people who’ve always disappointed her, especially her abusive mother. Everyone lies to her – her sister, her uncle, even her beloved father. When her mom strips her of her one true love, gymnastics, she’s determined to find and maintain […]

Delightful, Engaging Trilogy that Remixes the Narcissus and Nemesis Myths: Review of Diana Rodriguez Wallach’s Reflecting Emmy

[Click cover to order Reflecting Emmy today!] Eighteen-year-old Emmy is in the family business-trapping vapid narcissistic souls into her silver compact mirror for all eternity. It’s what the Rhamnusia family has been doing for thousands of years, all under the direction of Great Grandmother. Only Emmy’s latest assignment, Nara, is about to prove more challenging than […]

A Nicely Done Coming-of-Life Story: Review of Danielle Allen’s Back to Life

[Click cover to order Back to Life today!] Sahara Lee has spent the last ten years living with the guilt of a tragic accident and its aftermath. That night irrevocably changed the outgoing, fun-loving college freshman into an introverted, workaholic with no social life. Sahara isolates herself from everyone and everything that reminds her of home […]

Leakes’ Good vs. Evil Tale Is Great Read: Review of Kai Leakes’ Sin Eaters

[Click cover to order Sin Eaters today!] Khamun Cross was born to do one thing and that was to watch Sanna Steele, a woman so unique and special he would risk his all to have her. So what, that in his job of watching her, he happens to prowl the streets, hunting the very things that […]

Great Christian Fiction: Review of Shana Burton’s Flawfully Wedded Wives

[Click cover to order Flawfully Wedded Wives today!] Just when Sullivan, Lawson, Kina, Angel, and Reginell finally think they’ve gotten life figured out, fate steps in and throws them a curve ball, adding fuel to the drama that seems to follow the ladies wherever they go. Mt. Zion’s first lady, Sullivan Webb, has left her philandering […]

Political Drama and Scandal: In My Rearview Mirror by Suzetta Perkins

Margo Myles is getting ready to give birth to twins, but she isn’t sure who the babies’ daddy is—her soon to be ex-husband, Jefferson Myles, or her one-time fling with hot-buttered soul, Malik Mason. Malik is running for a state senate seat and no one is going to take the sweet smell of victory from […]