Jacqueline Moore is a Christian author who offers spiritual words of encouragement daily on her website at http://www.jacquelinedmoore.com. She resides in Detroit, Michigan with her two sons, James and Joseph. Jackie has taken courses towards an undergraduate degree in religion and has served as a Deaconess, as well as served on various boards and committees at her church.

She is the author of “Serving Justice” which won an award for 2009 African American Literary Show romance author of the year, and “Caught in the Middle under the Peace in the Storm Publishing Company imprint. Her third novel “Chains of Deception” is now available at the publisher’s site, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Jackie is also a contributing author to several anthologies including releases, “Triumph of my Soul, Stories of Hope, Triumph and Inspiration” “Journeys of Love, Voices of the Heart” and “Gumbo for the Soul, Here’s our Child Where is the Village.”

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The Passion for Writing – From Jacqueline’s Pen

Where does your passion for writing come from?
My passion for writing comes from my love of books. Growing up, I always had a book in my hands even when I wasn’t supposed to. The stories captivated me and wouldn’t let me go until they were finished. A really good story would keep me up late into the nights and even now, when I am caught up in a story, I find it hard to put it down until it is finished. That’s what I strife for. To create stories that readers have a hard time putting down.

If your passion for writing was a color, what color would it be and why?
My passion for writing would be Gold. Gold is a color that is hard not to notice. It shines brightly even when the world around it might be dark. Gold is a color of hope and illumination. As a Christian author, I strive to show hope in my stories even when the world around my characters grows dark. Sometimes, we have to be the light that leads the way out of a situation and we might find it necessary to shine the light on a situation so that you can see how wrong it truly can be for you and the ones you love.

How do you keep the passion burning in your relationship with storytelling?
I love to observe the world around me, ask questions and play the what if game. By looking at various situations that may be going on around me and constantly asking what if, I find the opportunity to come up with an abundance of things to write about. In addition to writing fiction, I also write daily devotionals. I love taking the scriptures and creating real life situations that allow others to see Gods word in action. As a writer, all one has to do is open their eyes and look around them to tell a story. After all, everyone and everything has a story to tell.

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“What Happens in this house, stays in this house.”

Renee was a woman who seemed to have it all; a wonderful husband, loving family, wonderful church family, great job and the house of her dreams. She and her husband Gary have a very loving relationship. Or do they?

From the outside, Renee’s world gives the appearance of perfection. That is until a mysterious new broker by the name of Stephen Morretti begins working at the same firm with Renee. He is very charismatic and there is definite sexual tension between him and Renee.
He will become the catalyst for Renee’s voyage into a world of addiction.

Regina and Joseph Michaels are Renee’s doting parents. They are pillars of the church and looked up to in their community. They were always an integral part of Renee, who was their only child’s life. Or were they? They know the truth behind the veil of lies that
Renee has created for her survival.

Aunt Lucinda is not only Renee’s shelter in the storm; she holds the secrets of the past in her memories. She is who Renee turns to when her life starts to unravel; she will become the balm that allows her to begin to heal from the wounds of her present and her past.

Uncle Larry is Lucinda’s husband and her grandfather, Marcus Caine’s, brother. He holds three generations of guilt and will try to make amends to his family for all the pain and grief that his brother has inflicted upon the three generations of women.

Chains of Deception will take you on a journey of family secrets, betrayal, lust and lies.
Generational curses and soul ties abound in this story of learning to heal from the wounds of our past and learning to forgive others as well as ourselves for the mistakes of our present.

Excerpt from Chains of Deception

Journal Entry – Broken

The pain that one feels when the world around them has been totally and utterly destroyed can never truly be described. The simple act of breathing takes indescribable effort. One has to make a conscious decision to inhale and exhale in order to sustain life. One who has been broken feels an undeniable urge to simply cease to be.

I have been broken most of my life. At least as far back as I can remember. I don’t ever remember what it must feel like to be whole. There was always something missing. Beauty and confidence are two attributes that have never belonged to me. I was always that little girl standing at the back of the room no one seemed to notice unless she was the object of someone’s anger and wrath; tormented by teachers and bullies alike.

I felt lucky when a man actually wanted to marry me. You see, as one who has never found anything attractive about themselves, marriage seemed to be one of those unobtainable goals that most young women hope and dream of. I had never even been on a date before I met my future husband. And then, when I met that man who let my soul feel, for the first time in my life, I felt pretty. Then one day he too looked at me and realized I was still broken, no matter how much I tried to pretend I was not.

How does one repair the brokenness that permeates every single aspect of who they are? How does one continue to function when the world around them never lets them forget that they are damaged? How does one recover when life once again allows a few moments of happiness before tearing down their façade of happiness?

Yes, I am broken. It will take everything within me to suppress this undeniable urge within me to simply cease to be.