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The colors of love comes in several shades for Queen Thomas, and has been prevalent on her canvas of life as she continues to paint by the numbers. Successful beyond measure, but flawed to a degree where bright hues tend to fade a bit, happiness should be much more than an illusion. Queen is a young African American defense attorney passionately advocating justice for her brown-skinned clients, despite being subjected by black and blue bruises from her ex-boyfriend. Then there are the shades of gray that matters most when trying to balance the memorable scales of a loving relationship with a father that raised her as a single parent. Along with that are the dark clouds of uncertainty accentuating the need to suppress the void of missing the touches that only a mother can manifest.

Is a successful but committed relationship so hard to fathom where integrity and faithfulness is not compromised? The whispers get louder with promises of primal screams as the colors take on a different tint as the plot thickens. Enter Quincy Hughes, a handsome doctor easy on the eyes but with an underlying intrigue that allows curiosity to kill much more than the cat. Quincy is on a mission. He relentlessly pursues her despite his mystique, and forces Queen to question the taboo concept of accepted love vs. forbidden fruit; and whether there’s a future in it for her. Is she ready to tackle the relevancy of this different persuasion? And what about her ex-lover — will he settle for second best and allow Queen to pursue matters of the heart, albeit with someone else?

Sensual and brimming with sexuality, this heart-wrenching drama is groundbreaking fiction. A Whisper To a Scream is a sexy, moving and riveting tale that will pull you deep into an unforgettable erotic, socially-conscious, and emotionally-charged ride.

CLG Review of A Whisper to a Scream

4 (out of 5) lattes

A Suspenseful Story on Shades of Love and Overcoming Pain

Writers always hear how important it is to grab their readers from the start of a story. Author Elissa Gabrielle succeeds in doing that with her novel, A WHISPER TO A SCREAM. The violent, frantic, desperate first scene, at times, was almost difficult to read for its stark visuals, but you WILL read, and you WILL stay on the page. Gabrielle gives us an interesting main character in Queen Thomas. She’s young, beautiful, a highly successful defense attorney with a father that loves her to pieces… and a boyfriend who seems to want to beat her body into pieces. Gabrielle gives Queen a lot to contend with. She’s trying to leave her abusive mate. She’s trying to deal with the lingering feelings she has for a loving mother that has been gone for years. She’s trying to save her latest client’s life and keep him out of prison. She’s trying to avoid Dr. Quincy Hughes, a man that wants to love her but her staunch desire to not cross color lines in romance keep her at arm’s distance. It doesn’t help that someone she least expects seems to develop stalker tendencies toward her, too. I was a fan of the suspenseful qualities of the novel. Gabrielle does a great job in dropping intrigants in the story and providing pay-offs for them along the way. She layers these in really well. I also enjoyed the building of Queen and Quincy’s relationship and the explosive consequences that occur toward the end of the story because of that relationship. Although there are places where the story could have been trimmed some, you shouldn’t let that keep you from reading A WHISPER TO A SCREAM. The characters, the layering of suspense, the building of drama and conflict, and the surprising climax all make this a worthwhile novel to read.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.