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Through spoken word performances, two poets unveil their love for one another. By way of eclectic beats, captivating words and rhythmic sounds over candlelight, they pour their hearts out for all the world to see at “Nights,” the venue by which true wordsmiths are born. Will King and Egypt ever find their way to one another? As indelible ink flows from the pens of these two poets, will love flow through their souls and unite them as one? An Elissa Gabrielle Original, “Nights over Egypt” will ignite the fiery passion that dwells inside the mind.

CLG Review of Nights Over Egypt

5 (out of 5) lattes

A Sexy, Poetic Treat

NIGHTS OVER EGYPT is a sexy, hot, poetic treat. I was instantly swept up in the story of Egypt and King, two poetic souls that find themselves falling in love hard and fast before words were ever exchanged between them in conversation… unless you count the sensual rhythmic vibes they serve to one another on the stage of Nights, a venue where those of rhythm, beats, and words let their poetry shine. I really enjoyed this story. This story has rhythm. It dances and moves and brings you into the rhythms of the characters, their feelings, their words, their actions. This story is sensual, from the poetry to the conversations between Egypt and King. This story is hot and sexy, and Gabrielle’s movement of words and sentences during those sexy interludes had me nodding and wanting more. There are many reasons why I so dig this story, but my main reason is EGYPT. I feel her BIG time. She’s sassy and saucy and knows what she wants and who she wants, but she’s also insecure and unsure, and who wouldn’t be when love strikes that fast and leaves you breathless and with head set to spinning? Her push and pull with King puts sizzle in their talks and electrifying heat in the moments when skin connects with skin. Read the story. Enough said.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.