I have known J.T. Barber for a while now, and first and foremost, I can say that she is one helluva writer. With her new endeavor as creator of Plant the Seed, she is sure to become one helluva philanthropist, too. Any initiative that supports literacy, especially children’s literacy, deserves to be heard about . . . and deserves some support. When J.T. told me about PTS, I knew I wanted to share information about the movement with all of you with the hope that you all will learn about the movement and support it in whatever way you can!

What is the mission of Plant the Seed?
Plant The Seed is a grassroots movement advocating children’s literacy, education, and involvement in the arts.

How did this initiative come to be?
During the summer of 2012, J.T. Barber (Author of Reflections of a Whisper), had the opportunity to chair a Book Drive campaign to benefit Philadelphia Public School children. After delivering over 2000 books to the children of Philadelphia, she decided that it should not be a one-time affair. J.T. believes that more can be done in the effort of supporting school age children in failing school districts, so she created Plant The Seed.

When does Plant the Seed begin? Is it an ongoing initiative?
We started planning for Plant The Seed in September 2012. Our Winter Fundraiser is set for December 15, 2012 until March 31, 2013.

Plant The Seed is intended to be an ongoing movement. We are starting with a fundraiser each winter, supporting under-funded children non-profits. And a book drive each summer, benefiting our under-funded public schools and their students.

Our intent is to build this initiative and officially form it as a 501 (c) 4 organization in the future.

Where can people learn more about Plant the Seed?
Currently, Plant The Seed information can be found on J.T. Barber’s Website. Additional information blasts can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

What can people do to participate and support Plant the Seed?
This winter, people can participate/support by either purchasing books from the book sale, making a monetary donation, or going with us as we visit a Murals of the Mind workshop (future date to be scheduled after the holiday break).

Our 2013 Donation Recipient is Murals of the Mind [Website]. They intend to use the funds donated for their yearly anthology project, publishing the work of the students in the program.

This summer, people can participate by donating children’s reading books for our book drive, making a financial donation, or volunteering to help count, catalog, and deliver books to local schools.

We are still planning for other opportunities throughout the year.

Are you still looking for sponsors? If so, how can people contact you for additional information?
Plant The Seed will always be open to sponsors. We believe that this is how we will continue to propel this movement forward. We currently have a humble group of individuals and small businesses that have vowed their support. But there is always room at the table for more.

Anyone interested in sponsorship, can contact us at jtbarberonline@gmail.com.